Post Op Lymphatic massage

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Post Op Lymphatic massage

If you’re planning to have a surgical procedure, such as BBL, lipo or tummy tuck, it is advised you book in for post op lymphatic massages. Surgery causes swelling, inflammation and a build up of fluid. Your surgeon would have advised compression garments and lymphatic massage.

The post-operative drainage massage with flush the toxin-carrying fluids from your body. It is a specialised and advanced technique that only a certified lymphatic therapist should do. The process is not painful it is actually quite pleasant and relaxing.

The massage consists of gentle pumping motions to guide lymph fluid through your body.

Lymphatic drainage massage aids in the prevention of excessive swelling and fluid retention. Having these massages will make your overall healing from cosmetic surgery much faster and more comfortable whilst also enhancing your results.

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About Non-Surgical BBL

Who is Post Op Lymphatic massage for?

Post-operative lymphatic massage is for anyone who has undergone surgery and wants to speed up their recovery. The lymphatic system is responsible for removing excess fluid from the body, which can be a problem after surgery due to the inflammation caused by the incisions.

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