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The Ultimate Combo: Wood Therapy & Fat Dissolving

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"10/10, couldn't recommend highly enough! Always such a pleasure coming in for my treatments as they're always so professional, knowledgeable and helpful! I've always felt comfortable during my treatments - also helps that the shop is sparkling clean and beautiful decorated. I'm constantly recommending the Fab Lab to my friends as they are indeed that - FABULOUS!!!”
Jojo C.
“ 10/10 customer service. The staff here are so professional and knowledgeable. I was slightly nervous but after my (TWO!) consultations where all my millions of questions were answered, I couldn't wait for my fat dissolving and wood therapy treatments. The results are incredible so far and I'm just 3 weeks post. Highly recommend, I can't wait to go back!”
“Absolute great experience. I have been going to FAB LAB since March 2021 for my fillers and was so nervous about it. Now I am a pro customer at getting my fillers. I am so grateful for their work. The staff are extremely honest about the results that will be achieved and talk you through the experience ensuring you feel comfortable and happy with the results. As well as this, it’s always a lighthearted and fun experience. Thank you so much FABLAB !!.”

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